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New Project Under Way

2010-09-03 03:58:20 by CyanideBreathmint

For those of you who follow me (all three of you, I believe); I am in the process of working on a new project. It will be a longer one, finally... like "Memoirs of a Snowman" in length; maybe longer. I'm also taking the time to put some serious effort into it, so it should be one of the best. I'll keep you updated and give a heads up with when it should be due to be posted. Cheers.

Hello All

2009-02-22 06:16:44 by CyanideBreathmint

Just giving a heads up, that very soon, a tablet may well be in my possession. That would make things go much more swimmingly. Also, if you have any suggestions for my "Science is Phun!" series, let me know.